POT becomes the Silver Partner and Honorary Patron of the 10th Tourist Promotion Forum

POT becomes the Silver Partner and Honorary Patron of the 10th Tourist Promotion Forum


There are only eight days left to the 10th Tourist Promotion Forum, which will take place at the Orientarium in Łódź. The Silver Partner of the event is the Polish Tourist Organization. POT is also the Honorary Patron of the Forum.

The Polish Tourist Organization is responsible for the tourism promotion of Poland, so being present at the Promotion Forum is natural. Let us recall that the many activities of the Polish Tourist Organization also include promoting and servicing the Polish Tourist Voucher project. The possibility of realizing the Polish Tourist Voucher was extended until September 30, 2022.

The sum of payments made with the use of the Polish Tourist Voucher is as of March 24 this year. 2 billion 183 million 323 thousand. PLN 246. This means that out of the PLN 4 billion secured for the implementation of the Polish Tourist Voucher program from the Covid-19 Countermeasure Fund, less than PLN 2 billion remains. So far, Poles have activated 3 million 388 thousand. 914 vouchers, of which 2 million 735 thousand were partially or fully used. 796.

The Polish Tourist Voucher is not only a financial support tool. From the beginning of its operation, it also serves to create demand and rebuild tourist traffic, encourage tourist entities to create offers tailored to the needs of safe rest, as well as adapt facilities and attractions in accordance with the requirements of people with special needs.

The Polish Tourist Organization actively participates in the Forum. Vice President Marcin Różycki will take part in the debate Why Poles are afraid to promote with beer, wine and other drinks?

It will also be attended by: Jan Bosnovic, Key Account Manager of TMR in Poland, Hubert Czochański, curator at the Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture, Anna Gmurczyk, German Wine Institute, Tomasz Prange-Barczyński, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Ferment. A letter about wine “, Rafał Stec, founder of the Stec Family Vineyard, Andrzej Szumowski, president of the board of the Polska Wódka Association, Arletta Ziemian, co-founder of Browar Stu Mostów in Wrocław).

The forum will be held on April 6 at the Orientarium in Łódź.

The organizer is the editorial office of the WaszaTurystyka industry portal.pl.

The co-organizers are: the Łódź Tourist Organization and the Orientarium at the ZOO in Łódź.

The partners are: the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the City of Olsztyn, the “Polish Airports” State Enterprise, Israel Government Tourist Office, the Croatian Tourist Community, the Polish Tourist Organization, Gromada

The patrons are: Information Agency, Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry, Krakow Chamber of Tourism, Polish Chamber of Tourism, Polish Chamber of Tourism, Łódź Branch.

The honorary patrons are: the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Tourist Organization

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