Lublin guides with help for Ukraine

Lublin guides to help Ukraine

Lublin guides associated in the Local Tourist Organization Metropolia Lublin invite you to special charity walks around Lublin. Over the coming weekend, on Saturday and Sunday March 12-13, they will lead six themed walks, for which the ticket will be a confirmation of payment for the fundraising campaign for Ukraine.

From the beginning of the winter holidays, residents and visitors can take part in the walks of the “Get to know Lublin with a guide” program. They were also planned for the next weekend, but the guides, seeing considerable interest in guided tours, took the initiative to organize a charity weekend. On that day, the admission ticket for a walk will be the presentation of a payment for any fundraiser for help for Ukraine.

& # 8220; Each of us wants to help as best we can. We are constantly watching the difficult situation in Ukraine. We, as city guides, also want to support our brothers from Ukraine. That is why we encourage both tourists and residents to donate to the account of one of the financial collections intended to help our neighbors. We know that every little gesture is important, and every financial support is necessary in this difficult situation & # 8221; – says Łukasz Miazek, city guide.

Special charity walks will be led by: Martin Dalebout, Łukasz Fiuta, Łukasz Miazek, Magdalena Mazur Ciseł, Joanna Szmit and Kinga Witkowska-Mirosław. Those interested will be able to take part in one of the six themed walks. There will be topics devoted to Lublin legends, the times of the Polish People’s Republic (in English) or “Lublin cases”. For people who like to feel the thrill, we recommend “Lublin between wars – from the chronicles of the State Police”. While walking with true enthusiasts of the city, you will be able to admire the architecture, learn about history, spend a nice time in the company of professionals, and at the same time help, because a donation for Ukraine entitles you to participate in the guided tour.

& # 8220; It is a grassroots initiative of our guides. We have received information from them that in this way they want to support the country affected by the war, which is why we helped them organize this initiative. We can see how popular guide walks in Lublin are, so we hope that thanks to the campaign we will be able to encourage many donations to fundraising for Ukraine & # 8221; – says Krzysztof Raganowicz, president of LOT Metropolia Lublin.

The walks will take place this weekend – March 12 and 13. A ticket that allows you to go for a walk is the confirmation of payment for any financial fundraiser for helping Ukraine with a value of no less than PLN 25 per person (this is how much the ticket in the “Get to know Lublin with a guide” program). The organizers suggest to pay for the fundraiser organized by the Polish Humanitarian Action SOS UKRAINE in the / pah-ukraina in / sos-ukraine

March 12, 2022 (Saturday)

10:00 Kinga Witkowska-Mirosław – Secrets of two hills

12:00 Magdalena Mazur-Ciseł – Lublin city of legends

13:00 Łukasz Miazek – Lublin for fun

March 13, 2022 (Sunday)

12:00 Joanna Szmit – Lublin between the wars – from the chronicles of the State Police

13:00 Martin’s City Tours – PRL – Communism in Lublin / Poland Tour

15:00 Łukasz Fiuta – Lublin Cases, or Stories about the City and People

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