Gondolas of PKL railroad over the dam in Solina installed

Gondolas of the scenic railroad PKL over the dam in Solina installed

pic. PKL archive

25 gondolas have been installed on the more than 1.5 km route of the scenic railroad, which runs over the Solina dam. In the summer, tourists will travel from the Plasz starting station located at the Solina boardwalk to the final station located on Jawor Mountain.

Modern carriages of the scenic railroad have arrived to Solina and have been installed. It is a breakthrough moment in the construction of the investment just as the transport of carriages to the new center of PKL Group from a Swiss factory – one of the most renowned cableway producers in the world.

Daniel Pitrus, President of the Polish Cable Railways, said: “The new PKL Solina resort will be modern. Therefore, the cars of the scenic railroad, on which tourists at a speed of 6m/s will travel over the dam admiring the unusual landscapes, are also modern. We have taken care of every detail to make our clients feel comfortable on the Solina River. The design of the carriages will allow a 360 degree view, so that every traveler will be able to see spectacular panoramic views of the Bieszczady Mountains and Lake Solina.”

Gondolas to Solina by truck were delivered by none other than Iwona Blecharczyk from the Bieszczady Mountains. The most popular woman in Poland who drives trucks, youtuber and creator of the famous trucking channel Trucking Girl.

Iwona Blecharczyk, emphasized: “This transport was special for me. I grew up in the Podkarpacie region and the first holiday trips I remember were to Solina. Bringing the gondola in my own dream truck, for which I had worked for so many years, was like honouring those ten years of work and making my mark on the history of Solina, for which I am infinitely grateful.”

The carriages of the scenic railroad are adjusted for handicapped persons on wheelchairs. Passengers using the railroad will also find it comfortable to get on and off the carriages. The gondolas in the stations will slow down to a speed of 0.2 m/s, allowing easy access for travelers, in addition, the entrance and exit will be stepless.

Patryk Białokozowicz of the PKL management board, added: “We are creating an attractive tourist center, which this summer will not only offer the possibility to take a cable car ride over the dam in Solina, but will also be an all-day way of getting to know the history and legends of Bieszczady.”

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