Andrzej Kindler resigned from the function of Vice President of PIT

Andrzej Kindler resigned from the post of Vice President of PIT

Andrzej Kindler has resigned from the Board of the Polish Chamber of Tourism. Since 2014, he has been vice president of the organization’s board of directors. In September 2020 he became for the third time.

“I am ending my activity in the Board of the Polish Chamber of Tourism convinced that together with my colleagues I have achieved as much as it was possible to achieve in this role. It was a time of intense community service, which in part coincided with a period of unprecedented crisis in the industry. Being satisfied with what we have managed to work out together with the PIT for the industry, I am now giving myself time for a breather to consider what to do next with my possible social activities,” comments Andrzej Kindler.

At the Polish Chamber of Tourism, Andrzej Kindler was responsible for topics related to communication and image, as well as strategic issues. He dealt with The problems of tourism organizers, youth tourism and fighting against the black market in Polish organized tourism.

The former PIT vice-president is also the vice-president of the Board of Experts on Pandemics. Vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism to the Minister of Sport and Tourism. In the previous term he was the President of the Council of the Polish Tourist Organization. In 2021 he was on the 69th. A place on the list of “100 most influential people in Polish tourism” according to Wasza Turystyka magazine.

“Andrzej Kinlder is recognized in the industry as a person strongly involved in the development of tourism. Since 2014, he has served as vice president of the board of the Polish Chamber of Tourism. In the era of the pandemic, he was one of the main drivers of the work of the Polish Chamber of Tourism on solutions for Polish tour operators. Although most of them were conducted in 2020, also in 2021 Andrzej Kindler reacted when it was necessary to negotiate the best solutions for the industry,” reads the description created on the basis of the Chapter’s opinions.

In the Polish Chamber of Tourism in the Board of Directors, in addition to the President Palw Niewiadomski, remained: Grzegorz Baszczyński, Piotr Henicz, Grzegorz Chmielewski, Sebastian Nasiłowski (treasurer) and Dariusz Wojtal.

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